Vol. 6 Num. 1 2014

Intermediate and pharmaceutical compounds associated with fermentation of spoilage date fruits by Hanseniaspora guilliermondii KKUY-0045
Mohamed Hashem, Abd El-Latif Hesham, Saad A. Alamri and Sulaiman A. Alrumman

Hepatitis B Vaccine Reduced the Prevalence of Antibodies to Hepatitis B Core Antigen in Blood Donors in Aseer Region, Saudi Arabia
Essam H. Ibrahim, Saad M. Bin Dajem, Abdulaziz A Heijan, Hala F. Hadish, Yasser A. Zahar, Ali Alshehri, Mona Kilany and Osama M. S. Mostafa

Biochemical effects of Steinernema feltiae, Steinernema riobrave and Heterorhabditis bacteriophora on Spodoptera littoralis larvae
Naglaa F. Ahmed, Amna M. H. Maklad, Samia A. Yassin and Shaker M. Abolmaaty

Molecular characterization of Paenibacillus larvae larvae, for early diagnosis of american foulbrood of honeybees in Egypt
Shireen A. M. Ma’moun, Mohamed I. Imam, Emad A. Nafea, Rabia A. Anan, Mohamed S. Salama, Akila M. El Shafai, Ahmed H. Kaschef

Evaluation of Urinary system diseases using Intra-venous Urography and Ultrasound
Mohammed Yousef, Jumaa Yousif Tamboul, Moawia Gameraddin and Rahma Adam

The curative effect of Bee Venom and Propolis on oxidative stress induced by γ- irradiation on blood and tissues of rats
Abd-Elraheim A. Elshater, Mouchira M. Mohi Eldin, Muhammad M. A. Salman and Naglaa R. A. Kasem

Influence of Sudden Thermal Stresses on Growth Rate and Enzymatic Identification of Bombyx mori L. Larvae
Rehab H. Taha , Saad I. A. I. and Eman M. Hassan

The impact of vanadium on endothelial dysfunction in type 2 diabetic rats: Histological insight
Mohamed A Haidara, Abbas O El Karib, Ismaeel BinJaliah, Mohamed D Morsy, Abdullah S Shatoor, Salah O. Bashir, Basiouny A El-Gamal, Mohammed El-Hassan Kemeir and Refaat A Eid

Activity Level of Lactate dehydrogenase and β-glucosidase Enzymes in the honeybee colonies, (Apis mellifera L.) with different feeding
Sameh Mostafa Abd El- Naby and Ehab Wafeek Zidan

Effect of soy isoflavones on some immunological parameters in ovariectomized female rats.
Hend M. Tag, Hekmat M. Tantawy and Rasha M. Ghoneim

Protective effect of Mulberry Leaf Extract on male rat fertility affected with Methotrexate-cytotoxicity
Enas Abd-El Hay Taha Tolba

Relationship between resistance level and some biochemical parameters to Spodoptera littoralis against some insect growth regulators (IGRs)
Mohammed Mohie Eldien Abdel Hafez and Sameh M. Abd El-Naby

Phytochemical analysis and inhibitory effects of extract of young fruits of Ficus palmata.on some pathogenic microbes
Sulaiman A. Alrumman, Mahmoud F. Moustafa, Abd El-Latif Hesham, Saad A. Alamri, Mohamed Hashem

Association of Angiotensinogen M235T Gene variants, and Plasma Renin Activity with Preeclampsia
Ghada A. Elfadil, Dalia I. Wagea Alla, Abdelgadir A. Elmugadam

Use of Free to Total Prostate-Specific Antigen Ratio to Improve Differentiation of Prostate Cancer from Benign Prostate Hyperplasia
Abdelgadir A. Elmugadam, Haala M. Gabra, Ghada A. Elfadil and Bader El-din H Elabid

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