Vol. 3 Num.1 2011

Prolificacy Detection in Egyptian Sheep using RFLP-Specific PCR
Abulyazid I., Abdalla M. S., Sharada H. M., Saleh H. M., Hassanin W. F

Physiological studies on the effect of a bradykinin potentiating factor (BPF) isolated from scorpion venom on the burnt skin of alloxan-induced diabetic Guinea pigs.
Abd-Elraheim A. Elshater, Muhammad M. A. Salman and Asmaa F. Abd-Elhady

Toxic effects of mancozeb containing formulations and neemix pesticides on kidney function and ultrastructure of albino rats
Mahmoud M. Salem

The role of Interferon- g Receptor-1 Gene (-56 T < C) Polymorphism in development of susceptibility to pulmonary Tuberculosis in Central Sudan
Attalla M Attalla, Mogahid M Elhassan, Nagla G Mohammed, Miskelyemen A Elmekki and Adil Mirghani

Proteolytic digestion of blood meal in Ornithodoros erraticus, a vector of Borrelia crocidurae causing relapsing fever in Egypt.
Nawal M. Shanbaky, Nadia Helmy, Hala M. Khater and Ayat Yousery

Impact of Spinetoram on Some Nitrogenous Components Related to Protein Metabolites in the Cotton Leaf Worm, Spodoptera littoralis (Biosd.)
Tarek, R. Amin and Nedal, M. Fahmy

Evolutionary Genetic Analysis of the cytochrome b gene variation in the Salmo trutta fario with other salmons
Abolhasan Rezaei and Sheyda Akhshabi

Variation in esterases activity of different races and hybrids of Bombyx mori l. as a tool for genetic relationships analysis
Souad M. Mahmoud, Saadya M. El-Bermawy and Rehab H. Taha

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