Vol. 10 Num. 1 2018

Frequency of XRCC1 exon 10 G>A gene polymorphism in the Saudi Arabian Population: Inter-individual study from different ethnic groups
Shafiul Haque

RAPD-evaluated Genetic Polymorphisms and Relations among three River Nile Catfish (Siluriformes) Species from Qena, Egypt
Mohammed Bassyouni M.EL-Mahdi

Ameliorative And Erythrocytes Membrane Stabilizing Effects of Mentha piperita on Experimentally Induced Nephrotoxicity by Gentamicin
Sasikumar Dhanarasu, Mathi Selvam, Abdullah Ahmed Alkhalaf, Albaraa Khalid Aloraifi and Nayef Khalid Abdullah Al-Shammari

In silico Prediction of Epitope Based Vaccine Candidates against Powassan Virus Infection
Mohammed Yahya Areeshi

Prediction of Epitope Based Vaccine Candidates against Macaca fascicularis PV Type 2 Virus Using In-silico Approaches
Mohammed Yahya Areeshi

Molecular Detection of Hepatitis A Virus and Rotavirus in Water Samples Collected from Albaha, Saudi Arabia
Shaia Saleh R. Almalki

Hematological and Metabolic Alterations in Egyptian Buffaloes During Transition Period
Heba M. A. Abdelrazek, Tamer A. Ismail, Fakhri E. El-Azzazi, Doaa H. Elsayed

Genetic Variation and Phylogenetic Relationship among four Parrotfishes (genus Scarus) in Hurghada, Red Sea Coast, Egypt Based on RAPD Markers
Mohammed Bassyouni M. EL-Mahdi

Molecular Phylogenetic Taxonomy of Some Parrotfish Species (Perciformes, Scaridae) From the Red Sea Using a-Actin Gene
Fayza M. Aly and Mohammad Allam

In vitro Antiproliferation Effect of Atriplex halimus L. Crude Extract on Human Cell Lines by Induction of Apoptosis and G2/M phase Arrest
Neima K. Al-Senosy, A. Abou-Eisha and Ekram S. Ahmad

Association Between Caffeinated Beverages, Body Mass Index, And Academic Stress in Medical Students of Hail University - A Cross-Sectional, Questionnaire-Based Study
Abdullah M. Aljarboa, Majed A. Al Ghassab, Nawaf K. Almuzaini, Adeeb N.Alshammari, Sasikumar Dhanarasu and Samir Qiblawi

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