Vol. 1 Num. 1 2009

First comparative phenetic studies of the polymorphic species of Coccinella undecimpunctata Linnaeus, using morphometric and RAPD approaches in Egypt
Haitham B. M. Badrawy, Dalia A. M. Salem, Salwa K. Mohammad and Mohamed S. Salama

Physiological effects of envenomation by two different doses of the viper Echis coloratusis crude venom on biochemical parameters in serum of Guinea pigs at different times.
Muhammad M. A. Salman

Effect of a single dose of a bradykinin potentiating factor isolated from scorpion venom (Buthus occitanus) on total protein and albumin in serum of irradiated growing male Guinea pigs.
Muhammad M. A. Salman

Impact of the wild plant, Fagonia bruguieri, extracts on the transaminase activities in some tissues of Schistocerca gregaria (orthoptera: acrididae).
Tanani, M. A.; Ghoneim, K.S. and Basiouny, A. L.

Universal Primer for Early and Rapid Detection of Nucleopolyhedroviruses of Multiple Species Using Polymerase Chain Reaction
Fatma H. Galal

Development of resistance in field strain of Aphis craccivora to the dinotefuran insecticides from the new class neonicotinoids and its effect on some enzymes content.
El-Sayed S. Mokbel and Azza I. Mohamed