Current Issue

Vol. 10 Num. 2 2018

Molecular Analysis of Human Parechovirus in Cerebrospinal Fluid of Young Infants in Albaha, Saudi Arabia
Shaia Almalki

Comparative Biochemical Studies on the Effect of Nano-Magnetic Particles (Nps) and Graviola Leaves Extract on Adriamycin Induced-Gonadotoxicity in Male Albino Rats
Abd-Elraheim A. Elshater, Rana A. Ali, Mouchira M. Mohi and Huda Y. Gedawy

Direct PCR-Based Detection of Y Chromosome Strs Loci from Human Hair Samples
Hassab El- Nabi, S. E.; Elroby, A. M.; and Geba, K. M.

Screening the Antioxidant Activity of Aqueous and Ethanol Extracts from Fenugreek (Trigonella foenumgraecum) Seeds in Vitro
Anmar Sael Hussein ,Safa Salah Salman , Hind Isam Abdullah Al-mashtaa, Muna Ahmed Abdullah , Nada H. A.L. Al-Mudallal, Shaima Hassan Ali Al- Abbasi and Saja Jamal Noman Al-Nasseri

Anti-nephrotoxic and Antioxidant Efficiency of Rosmarinus Officinalis Extract Against Isoniazid® -Induced Nephropathy in Adult Male Albino Rats
Mahmoud Ashry , Mohamed A. Mustafa, Hagar H. Mourad, Mahitab I. EL-Kassaby, Fatma Adly Morsy, Sayed ON, Khaled G. Abdel-Wahhab

Assessment of some Heavy Metals in Water and Tissues of Tilapia Spp. Collected from Wadi El-Rayan Lakes. El-Fayoum Egypt and their Impacts on some Biochemical Parameters.
Fathia, K. Mohamed, Nahed, S. Gad, Sahar, S. Atrees. and Noura, S. A. Hassan

Assessment of Genotoxicity of Potassium Nitrate and Sodium Benzoate in Drosophila melanogaster Using Smart and Comet Assays.
Amal Z. Aledwany, Wesam T. Basal, Neima K. Al-Senosy, Aliaa M. Issa